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    Guest Blog Post Guidelines

    WebmaisterPro is used based content driven community! Every member of WebmaisterPro can submit guest blog post at our webmaster blog.

    What you need to submit guest blog post?

    First you need to create accountwith us (it is free), we do not accept articles sent by email. Sign up page is here:

    You can also login with Facebook credentials using Facebook connect (fast registration).

    2.Log-in to your profile and install Blog Application

    3.After installation, Blog application will appear on the left hand side at your profile.

    4. Submit New Blog Post for approval

    Submit Guest Blog Post

    What WebmaisterPro Loyal Readers Want to Read?

    • Useful advice - how to- guide, tutorial, top list reviews
    • Your opinion - related to latest trends expert opinion
    • Personal stories - client and work problems, daily routine, etc..
    • Exclusive content - related to SEO, SMO, web development/design, article writing (refer to our blog categories)
    • News -topic related to latest news in the IT industry


    Links in Articles

    We allow links in articles to resources and lists of websites that can be used as reference, but without commercial purpose. NO COMMERCIAL LINKS IN BODY TEXT!!! You are more than welcome to use as many links as you want if those are resources. We allow up to 3 commercial links in AUTHOR BIO, but not in body text!

    Please Set Your Blog Author Bio (edit user profile)

    WebmaisterPro guest bloggers must meet a high quality requirement to get your article published:

    • An expert with field experience relevant to the subject of your article
    • Strong English grammar
    • Writer that can offer strong arguments and references

    Post Length

    You have freedom about post length however we suggest you write articles with no less than 450 words and no longer than 1500 words.


    Images are not required for blog post, however we strongly suggest you to use original images and snapshots when you submit a guest post.


    Uploading profile image is mandatory!


    Be logical, submit quality content and both parties will benefit! WebmaisterPro offers the easiest guest blogging platform of all!