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When Should You Buy a Domain

Hi Guy's

My blog has close to 50 post and last year I earned $21 on my blog. I blog on blogger. It took about 6mths before Google picked up my blog. Which was discouraging to say the least.

Since I am an article writer I just assumed I write it and Google will display it. Not the case!

At the time I didn't know I had to optimize my template and display rss feed and submit my feed well I am a slow learner.

Now I give my focus and attention to my blog. So you will see a lot of me because I want to learn to improve my blog.

Thanks Guy's for Any Help
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      Sunday, June 16 2013, 02:29 AM - #Permalink
      Domain is online identity.
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        Tuesday, January 10 2012, 12:13 AM - #Permalink
        Don't get discouraged and don't read any HYPE systems that tells you that can make a fortune with blogging, however concentrate, plan and stay focused. 20 bugs are a lot of money from blogging most bloggers never make even a dollar.

        You will know all the answers by yourself, if you know the right questions to ask. I will try to help you.

        1. What is your hobby? What you really like to do? (That's your blog niche)
        2. How much time and effort you can spend?
        3. How much you want to make from this blog? (be realistic, this is your short term goal)
        4. How to achieve this goal? (Methods of promotion)
        5. How much you are willing to invest?

        There are very other things that need to come to consideration - choice of technology, products to promote, going broad or attacking small niche. As well as good competitor analysis.

        Investing in domain name, well it is $10, you can get reliable hosting where you can host 10 blog for about $5 month. So far you've made $20 on Blogger, well if you have 5 blogs which make $20 a year each (of course you can make more) you will double your investment!
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