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Free Joomla Extensions - BJ Image Slider V2


ByJoomla Image Slider is a perfect combination of images / photos slider and content slider. Beside great multi-transition and animation effects for images you can also customize transition effect for content shown in the slider. We call it – a smarter way for message conveyance.

Extension BJ Image Slider V2 Info

  • Name: BJ Image Slider V2
  • Author: BYJOOMLA
  • Native to: Joomla 1,5, 1.6, 2.5

Extension BJ Image Slider V2 Info Feature List

  • Flexible layout using parameters
  • So you get to customize the slider to fit your whichever Joomla template for whatever purposes
  • Multi-transaction and animation effects
  • Add more animation effect to the slider to make an interesting website browsing experience.
  • Eye-catching design with more design coming in the ByJoomla library
  • For PRO and DEV, design will be updated for you to select the most suitable one.
  • Styles for effect and design of Image slider are updated in our library.
  • Content presentation customized in styles that you want
  • With the integrated content slider, you will never find it hard to get your message present in the photos / images. The content transition effect is customizable too.
  • Flash-free that make it compatible cross devices (like iPad, iPhone)
  • No worry about your website is viewing on multiple devices, they all come compatible with the ByJoomla Image Slider.

Extension BJ Image Slider V2 Live demo and Download
Demo Extension BJ Image Slider V2
Download Extension BJ Image Slider V2

For more details, please visit ByJoomla[dot]com
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