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:( Hello everybody, I don't know, Where do I complain about WMP. Actually it's loading speed is too slow. First I thought it is from my net speed but now I'm sure there is need a good speed to lead WMP properly. Hop my this query will touch the Admin mind. Best of Luck ..

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    Monday, March 23 2015, 01:53 PM - #Permalink
    Hi there,

    Sorry for delay on our reply. Our team just saw your thread.

    You might have experienced difficulties due to updates we were performing in the last couple of days.

    Though currently our website is loading in less than 4 sec:

    Please let me know, if you still experience slow loading times. And let me know, on which section our social network is loading slow.

    Kind regards
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        Wednesday, April 15 2015, 04:43 PM - #Permalink
        Thanks, Kaloyan Banev! Yes It is still slow, but not much like before. You should start considering moving to a responsive design with better performance as soon as possible.
        • Kaloyan Banev
          more than a month ago
          The website useds responsive design since May 2010.
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