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Learning PHP

Hello there I'm new here from Bangladesh. Basically I'm really surprised to get a membership here in this Forum. I know many professional who are going to share their knowledge to build this Forum more informative. By the way, I'm the new artist in web designing and I Just want to learn PHP, but I don't know where to start. I think this journey will make me happy to see you everyone..

Best wishes to all.
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      Saturday, January 31 2015, 05:36 PM - #Permalink
      Hi mate,

      And welcome to WebmaisterPro. The basics of PHP are very much straightforward, though in the last few years PHP have really changed a lot and have become a "real" programing language.

      There are many online resources related to PHP and probably the PHP community is the biggest compared to others. Good start would be actually you can always use the official website as reference.

      Don't forget that to write decent PHP you need to be proficient in HTML, as well as CSS and of course MySQL database.

      "PHP for Absolute Beginners" book will be an excellent start.

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