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Derek Zhou
Derek Zhou
There are more and more Foreigners coming to China. Let's say in Shanghai, there're more than one hundred thousand foreigners.

The most difficult thing is that few Chinese can speak English, Although the few is the proportion, and China has a huge population, people think it's better to set up some website for foreigners who're living in China.

So, let talk about such a website. It's introduce you almost everything your ordinary day needs. Well, here's the question: if you lived in China, what do you expect?

Thank you!!
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      Thursday, December 05 2013, 09:59 AM - #Permalink
      Derek, I think that idea is superb. I have lived about 2 years in Shanghai, China and I can say that at that time there, wasn't that kind of website. You are quite correct, there are more than 5 million permanently living foreigners in Shanghai.

      It depends on personal interest, but in general I think that that kind of website/portal should offer everything. Hit me on PM and we can discuss it further.
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