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Why 'Webma"i"ster'? What does it mean?

Hi WebmaisterPro friends!

Since "WebmaisterPro" alpha test start, I've been asked many times - "Why did you decide to use this domain name? What does it mean, is it a typo?"

There are many reasons why I decided to use this domain name:

1. Brand building
2. It is not related to any language
3. Easy to remember
4. However read below:

We are living in new era of Internet business – to be successful online, everybody need to be all professional all rounder on Internet! ”Webmaster” is term used for many year, but many webmasters are 4 in 1 – graphic designers, web developers, SEO practitioners and bloggers (article writers). “WebMaister” contains several key words inside – “web”+”master”+”I” . The “I” is symbol of Internet and Internet marketers.

“The first social network for web professionals” – the next generation of web developer + internet marketers + bloggers = webmaister pro.

Kind regards
Kaloyan Banev
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