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Review These Sites Please

Hi ,

Site1 URL :
Site2 URL :

I need to redesign these sites but before starting off with it i need some good suggestions on what should i consider during the redesign

These are the points which have to remain intact even after the redesign

1) Easy to Navigate through the site

2) Do not want too much graphics

3) The same design would be used for more similar websites only thing which will change is the LOGO for each site. So the design should not be keeping in mind only the current site.It should be general
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      Wednesday, May 30 2012, 09:17 PM - #Permalink
      Thats the reason why I need to redesign it I need to make the sites look more modern...

      You see there are two more sites with the same layout..

      so in total there are 4 sites all having the same design and layout and once i make the new design it will be the same on all the sites..with only the Logo changing...

      its like I want to make the look of the sites a Brand.. like when people visit any one of them they know they are on the same companies site :)
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        Wednesday, May 30 2012, 08:20 PM - #Permalink
        Wow, sorry to say that, but those websites looks absolutely terrible, just like websites about 10 years ago. Definitely need to start from scratch, may be the only good think is the color scheme.
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