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Why Do You Have a Web Project?

A question that in not simple to answer - “Why do I have web project?” and of course there can be different answers. This article is inspired by poll prepared by Net Magazine, though at WebmaisterPro – social network for webmasters, we are running a similar poll (to participate in the poll, click here). This article lead to ask myself so many questions and I've decided to give few tips for any possible case scenario. I personally believe that everybody should thing in the same direction to build a successful web project, no matter it is blog, application, e-commerce websites or even a social network. Possibilities and possible scenarios are many and first depends on expertise in particular field, knowledge about SEO and web development, business skill set, hobby, previous work and of course financial situation. Scenario One – Business Website You are a business owner and try to build strong presence online, probably trying to expand market. Having a website, app or company blog is one of the most important steps for every business nowadays. Tip: Push it as hard as you can, hire a team of experts, lead by energetic team leader. The best, but most expensive is to...
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