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Applications of Flash Storage for the Enterprise

There are numerous devices that use flash storage for memory such as cell phones, USB drives and portable media players. Recently, flash storage has begun to be incorporated into data storage applications for enterprise. Some may ask, “What is flash storage?” Flash storage is similar to random access memory (RAM) in a computer except that the information it stores is retained when the computer is powered off. Information stored in RAM is lost when the computer is powered down. In addition, the data recorded on a flash memory is accomplished electronically and stored magnetically rather than mechanically as with ROM or hard drives. Flash memory incorporates floating gate MOSFET transistors that are positioned on a grid. Traditional transistors have only one gate but MOSFETs have two, referred to as NAND gates. These two gates allow a voltage to be stored between them. The voltage stored on the chip represents information, and it will be retained for several years unless erased. Flash storage offers several advantages over traditional hard drives. Flash based memory has no mechanical parts that may be subject to wear or damage. Furthermore, the processing speed of storage disks that incorporate mechanical parts is significantly less than that of...
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