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Interview with Gail Gardner - The Mastermind of GrowMap

The first interview for 2014! Luckily today's early morning we got in touch with Gail Gardner - social media marketer, Internet business strategist, successful blogger. The mastermind of GrowMap.com   Gail, would you introduce yourself with few sentences?   My goal is to get serious bloggers collaborating and sharing skills so that they can use them to benefit small businesses.You may want to watch these videos to have a clearer idea what I do.     Excellent, may be step a bit into your personal space? What drives your creativity?   A quest for knowledge and understanding that I can then simplify and explain to others. Remember the scene in the movie with the robot that comes alive? It is rifling through the library books reading them all? That is how I feel (but of course now we have the Internet).   How did you started blogging? And how many web projects do you run/own?   Marty Weintraub at Aimclear.com set up my first blog so I would share what I knew about AdWords and PPC (pay per click). When I quit managing AdWords accounts for small businesses I started GrowMap. I have other blogs with partners which are not very...
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