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Start New Web Project on the "Right Foot". 50+ Web Development Applications and Side Tools

Starting web development project on the “right foot” is essential for completing it in time. As well as communication with customers might become easier. In this article, I will list some popular tools that are directly and indirectly related to successful web project development. DIA https://dia-installer.de/ Diagram software (freeware) that is available for all major operating systems – Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It is an excellent alternative of Microsoft's Visio. DIA is very powerful and easy to work with. Without a doubt can help you with diagrams, flow charts and mindmaps which on the other hand can be also useful for presentations and making project goals more clear. Google Docs Excellent tool, again provided by Google. Easy way to share and prepare content, before publishing on a website. Excellent features, including WYSIWYG editor, permission settings, etc... You can create and edit Excel spreadsheets, documents, presentations, etc...Free version is sufficient enough, but there is also paid version available. Google Drive Popular cloud-based storage provided by Google. In addition to file sharing between you, customers and team members, it can be used as backup of important files and even the complete project. It depends on personal preferences, many developers used Dropbox,...
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