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Problems with Traditional Data Back-up Methods

The world of enterprise is becoming increasingly reliant on data. Data archives allow companies to make smart financial and marketing decisions as well as provide companies with information on where a company is headed. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC) the world’s data will grow by 50x in the next decade. So where will all this data be stored? Enterprises are starting to realize that traditional methods of storage will not be sufficient. Traditional methods generally include hard disk or tape media. A new method known as flash storage has been growing in popularity. Flash memory uses electricity rather than mechanical parts and only consumes 20% of the power used by traditional methods. The following are problems associated with traditional methods of storage and reasons flash memory is becoming more common in enterprise. Damage to Magnetic Media The traditional backup tapes that many enterprises still use today are built with magnetic media. This makes them extremely susceptible to corruption. Despite the fact that tapes are built with a mechanism that can detect potential problems, all it takes is something like a fingerprint or exposure to certain elements and the data on the tape is essentially destroyed. While many enterprises assume...
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