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How is Akamai Driving IBM, Others from Traditional Tech Footholds?

As February comes to a close, we can see just which tech companies managed to keep their footholds and which businesses lost ground to their more innovative competitors. The findings show that longstanding American tech institutions are losing significant market influence, while smaller, lesser-known upstarts are only gaining. Take, for example, IBM: after specializing in business tabulating procedures for the last twenty years of the 19th century, the company was incorporated in its current form in 1911. From there, it grew into a computer producer, analytics powerhouse, and infrastructure hosting agency. Even being entrenched in the industry for more than 100 years, IBM stocks are showing losses in 2014. Year to date, the company has lost $4.78 on its stocks, almost a full percentage of their worth. On the other hand, groups like Akamai Technologies, Inc. and Juniper Networks have seen 32% and 24% growth, respectively. Where are IBM and older companies like it going wrong? Outdated Hosting Methods Need to Stay in the Past The issue for IBM lies in its continued reliance on physical hardware. Before cloud computing appeared in the foreground, businesses were left to rely on physical servers for their IT infrastructures. For a long time, the...
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