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WebmaisterPro on SoftLayer Server and New Features

WebmaisterPro team, apologize for downtime on 27th of February (yesterday). Downtime was related to server migration and performing updates to extend our social network functionality. WebmaisterPro Start-Up Happy to announce that WebmaisterPro.com was accepted at SoftLayer Catalyst Startup program. This open a new era and so many opportunities for us. Being hosted on latest generation powerful servers will lead to better user experience for members of our social network. New Features User Groups Groups are back at WebmaisterPro, probably some of the oldest members remember that in the very beginning we use to have this feature available. Every member can create user group and invite friends and other members. Social Sharing from Time-line Share directly activity from WebmaisterPro to your favorite social networks like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.. Easy Social Sign-in and Registration Don't want to fill a long form, they just click login with Google+, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. In addition to registration, you can simply login with these credentials. A lot more features to come! I will need at least 3000 words to describe what is on our list, but gradually we will integrate new features at WebmaisterPro. If you have any special feature request, please do...
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