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Why SEO Metric Tools are So Inaccurate Recently?

This started few months ago and it seems that I haven't been able to find reasonable explanation on blogs and forums. We all know that Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and SEMRush have never been 100% accurate, however recently, those tools are total mess. I don't know why, so if you know, please share in a comment below. Top 3 Inaccurate SEO Metric Tools Google Analytics “Not Provided” This have been an issue for a while - “not provided” in Google organic results. It started with acceptable percents 20-30%, but all of a sudden I start seeing 80% and even 90% “not provided”. Well, shall we totally forget about this metric? We know the limitation of GA related to browsers and JavaScript code, but comparing with server logs 2/3 of the traffic seems to be somehow missing in GA data! Google Webmaster Tools How many of you have seen the error on “Search Queries” at Webmaster Tools? To fix it you need to click back. Additionally how many of you have seen keywords listed in top 10, which actually aren't in top 300. Or very important ranked keyword completely excluded in the metric, or all of a sudden list of backlinks cut...
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