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Different Kinds of SPAM on Your Website, Blog or Social Network Profile

More and more often, I am getting emails related to link removals on many of websites that I own. One of the main reason is that I accept guest blog post and at WebmaisterPro - members post. Now, I will talk about few forms of modern web spam, especially related to blogs, forums and social networks. Blog Comment SPAM From time to time few requests are coming, please remove this link and actually link appear to be from comment link. Comments at WebmaisterPro are moderated and nearly 80% are rejected, due to fact that keyword is used instead of name or just the standard spam comment "excellent post, thanks you". Obviously this is comment spam. I know that because it is clearly stated in comment "Terms and Conditions". However some "smart" spammers, scrape highly specific topics to comment and easily can turn generic spam comment into meaningful comment and spam thousands of blogs. SPAM filters usually pass this comments and even moderator rarely can catch this. A blogger or professional link builder would never use keyword in the field name, this is well known fact, period. Guest Post SPAM This involve both email spam and blog post spam. More and more...
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