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Top Web Development and Publishing Software for Ubuntu

Ubuntu – probably the most popular Linux distribution, operating system that can be complete replacement of Windows without suffering lack of software. As a webmaster and web developer, I need wide variety of tools that will cost me a fortune and are necessary for daily work. Actually this article is written in Ubuntu with popular office package LibreOffice. Actually some of these open source applications (actually some of these tools also work on Windows and Mac). One of the best thing about all the software that I will list below is that system requirements are much lower compared to similar applications under Windows. I will divide tools that I use into two categories, lets start with graphic design and publishing tools. Ubuntu Web Development Tools Regarding we b development tools, selection might vary depending on personal preferences on programing language and IDE. SciTE Code Editor https://www.scintilla.org/SciTE.html Analogue of NotePad++, excellent code editor and syntax highlighter. I keep this editor open most of the time, for quick code editing. KompoZer – WYSIWYG Editor https://www.kompozer.net/ It is a fact that there isn't any analogue of Dreamweaver in Ubuntu, but as far as basic and stable WYSIWYG editing, KompoZer can do excellent job. Geany...
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