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Vine – Can You Promote Your Business in Just Six Seconds?

Vine is an app that is owned by Twitter. The purpose of the app is to capture a short video that can be shared online. You get just six seconds to capture your visual creation before sharing it with the rest of the world on Twitter or embedding it on other networks or websites. Vine was once only available for people with iOS devices but now it can be used on android phones as well as Windows Phone, Windows 8 and HTML5. This is an app that took of tremendously quickly, with 110,000 vines shared within the first two days of being launched and now it’s not only used for fun, it’s used for marketing. Tips for Using Vine as Part of Your Social Media Marketing You need to begin with creating content that is going to engage your target audience. This is probably the most difficult bit, especially if you’re not particularly creative. Revisit your marketing brief and ensure your target audience are going to respond to Vines. Then begin considering your current campaigns and come up with fresh ways to expand on your marketing using a six second looping clip. Whatever the message you’re trying to get across is...
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