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Scaling Up Your Ranking With Directory Submissions

The two most important directories across the World Wide Web are DMOZ and Yahoo! And, FYI, Google is a search engine, not a directory. Directories are like Yellow Pages - they have the web address of all sites. They organize links in categories and sub-categories. For all those who think link submission to directories is a pure waste of time, think again. Even though there are just a handful of those who sift through directory categories to find relevant links, the directories themselves serve as a referral system for the search engines. So if the search engines are at it, why not you? The webmasters, amidst all the hype of SEO, fail to recognize the significance of submitting their website’s links to Internet directories.  Make sure that you’re not one of them! When it comes to submission, in most cases, you’ll have to do it manually, after which your link is reviewed. It is subjected to high levels of scrutiny. Once approved, it is included in the directory, and the search engine considers it as a validation. A validation automatically means more value to your presence in the directory than in any other website. Apart from adding value, directories have another...
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