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Tug of War: Adobe Flash vs. HTML5

Over the past few years, the conundrum posed by Adobe Flash and HTML5 has continued to spark an unending debate in the IT industry. Both are scripting languages used to perform similar functions in developing websites. However, with a few features of one better than the other they are standing against each other. As a user you may not feel the difference but it’s a developer’s dilemma to choose between the two. You’ll often find articles swarming with conflicting advice on which technology is providing better solution and usability. With this heated discussion surrounding the subject, it becomes very difficult to make a choice. Keeping this in mind, I have penned down my take on the matter with a hope to clear the cloud around it.   Let’s start by discussing both the technologies along with their pros and cons. We’ll discuss Flash first since it’s been with us for a longer time. What is Flash? Adobe Flash, commonly referred to as Flash, is a multimedia system generally accessed in a website. It’s also used to create compelling interfaces and menus on some mobile phone software. Flash is the system that is used to support streaming of videos on sites like...
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