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Ghost Blogging CMS Review

Ghost the “next big thing” in blogging or not? If you are a blogger, web developer or tech enthusiast probably you have already heard about Ghost open source publishing platform. There were many reviews on blogs and magazines, so I decided to check it myself. I prefer writing positive reviews, but let's call review of Ghost neutral. The project have started at Kickstarter with original goal of £25,000, though the project have exceeded the expectations and have gathered £196,362. Ghost – The Technical Part Ghost is written in JavaScript, it rely on Node.js framework. This is one of the main advantages and at the same time the main disadvantage. Ghost work with SQLite3, templating engine is based on Handlebars.js As you can see all these are new technologies, that are not wide supported currently. The first problem you will face is related to web hosting. There are probably just 2-3 shared hosts that support Node.js. So practically you a looking at least mid-level VPS to run super-simple blogging CMS. Getting Started with Ghost – Options Everything looks very much straight forward at first, but options are very confusing, you can choose between: Hosted Self Hosted Virtualbox Vagrant If you don't have...
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