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7 Biggest Cyber Threats of 2014 — And How to Protect Yourself

At the end of the 2005 blockbuster film Batman Begins, police officer Jim Gordon makes a point about crime and escalation. In a nutshell, he points out that no matter how sophisticated law enforcement becomes, there will always be those criminals who who are willing to take things to the next level, and as both sides work to gain a clear advantage, very little ever actually changes. In few areas does this seem to apply more than in cyberspace. As computer systems advance and grow, virus protection firms work tirelessly to create new defences intended to keep sensitive data safe from the criminals who would steal it. And as they do so, black-hat hackers around the world put just as much effort into defeating these new security measures. And so, as we enter a new year, we’re faced with a new crop of potential cyber threats. Anti-virus giant McAfee has recently released its own report on the kinds of cyber-threats we may begin to see in the next twelve months, and the top contenders to make the list may surprise you. Here are seven cyber-threats to look out for in 2014, and how to protect your information from them. 1. Mobile...
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