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What Does Your Future Hold? The CES Show Just Might Have the Answers

There is no doubt that we’re living in a world where technology is increasingly becoming a central focus of our daily lives, often if we like it or not. Many of us have definitely embraced a lot of what modern technology has to offer, especially when it comes to all things digital. The rapid increase in use of smartphones and tablets across the UK has been paralleled by a dramatic rise in e-commerce sales, as people begin to use their mobile devices to make purchases. But our world is changing fast, and the yearly meeting of the tribes, so to speak, is in Las Vegas every January, at the extravaganza known as the Consumer Electronics Show.  The Rise of Alternative Devices  You may have heard that we may someday find our smartphone is a quaint relic of the past. Our beloved tablets may be also. What is appearing on the horizon are smart glasses, devices that actually function like a smartphone or tablet while looking like a pair of glasses. Last year, Google introduced their version, appropriately called Google Glass, but there are competitors. An Israeli company called Lumus showed off their latest creation, the Lumus DK40, which on the outside...
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