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How to Choose an Unlimited SSD Cloud Web Hosting Provider

Every company wants high quality website, that is highly visible in search engines. As everything is interrelated, to achieve this, it is necessary to pick the right web hosting provider. That guarantee low downtime, high performance and security. The first question always come first – “How to find a reliable web hosting provider?”. This exists since the dawn of Internet, but if you want to keep up with latest technology, the best choice is SSD cloud web hosting. Why SSD? Most of today's website are database driven, based on some of the most popular open source CMS like Joomla, Drupal, vBulletin, Magento, etc... All these content management systems require intensive Input/Output operations and fast connection with Database. Realistically for small blog based on WordPress, you probably might not have much of a problem with any cheap shared hosting, but one middle of the road e-commerce website or high traffic blog need a bit more in terms of speed and security. Advantages of SSD Web Hosting One of the main advantage, of SSD web hosting is fast speed, especially on high number of simultaneous connections, at that point SSD web hosts are about 300% faster compared to "old school" HDD. This is...
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