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10 Example of Stunning and Elegant Footer with Modern Web Design

According to the classic principles of the website designing, everything at the bottom of page is not as much considerable. And, mostly users even designers think like that. This is why, the bottom elements of the page are not able to catch visitor’s attention in finest manner. Because of this reason, footers are often ignored and not have ability to get attention, which it actually deserves. Rather than innovative, most of the footers are boring and uninspiring. Designers often mention everything at the bottom that they haven’t found place at the top of web page, for example: W3C buttons, contact details, disclaimers, back to top link, etc. Why do not focus on footers because they actually don’t expect anything by it. Try to be creative like those designers who use amazing ideas, navigation and hover effect at the bottom of page and split a page into two parts. The upper part takes care all about content and images and rest of part is takes care by footer. It can offer a number of opportunities to advertise with personal illustrations, icons, links related to the site, pictures, web forms and much more. See the below-mentioned links of the most stunning and modern...
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