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The Move Towards Flash Storage

Traditional HDDs outperformed themselves in terms of storage capacities over the last decades. However, with the increasing amount of data and the need for faster data transfers, HDDs are slowly finding their place in slow environments and are being replaced by flash storage. This could mean several things for enterprises.For one, flash storage is associated with low-latency and high performance and can thus be a crucial asset in VDI environments that consist of highly structured databases. When the speeds of flash storage devices are coupled with the capacities of traditional HDDs, access to greatly needed data is made possible while still ensuring that old data is still kept at bay in slower HDDs.Perhaps the one barrier towards this move towards flash storage has always been the costs involved with SSDs. By default, flash memory costs more per GB than any HDD in the market. SSD Price vs. Disk Price SSD prices would, of course, always be miles ahead of HDD prices, but Dell is slowly redefining this popular concept. Dell’s innovative flash-optimized solutions now offer up to two times the price advantage compared to the competitive hybrid solutions and up to five times the price advantage over the competitive flash solutions.The...
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