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Turn WordPress into Membership Website with MemberPress

From developers of Pretty Link Pro (read our review of pretty link here), MemberPress the same way as you install other plug-in, we will not go into many details about this. Configuration is the thing that require special attention, I personally would suggest to follow the documentation. There are numerous options and you might feel lost in the very beginning of using this plug-in. MemberPress Options Navigate to “MemberPress” -> “Options”, there you will see all the features of MemberPress - Pages Options, Account Options, Fields Options, Payment Options, Email Options, General Options and Marketing Options. We will try to review all, though again I would remind you to check official documentation. MemberPress Products In general this is the place to set different membership levels and products, ass well as subscription period, trials, etc... Product Groups Grouping the products/membership levels can be done easily at product groups menu, very much straight forward, though I think it would be good to write down thing on paper first so it will be much easier for you to continue with the action. Access rules, Login Pages and user account pages. Login-forums and access levels are very important for membership websites, you can technically create...
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