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Pretty Link Pro, A Must for Every Affiliate Blog

Without a doubt WordPress is one of the most popurful and lightweight CMS, which is a great way to build affiliate websites and review websites with a lot of external and affiliate links. Thats why you need Pretty Link Pro. Two versions available - “Blogger ” and “Developer Edition”, I think it is self explanatory that “Developer Edition” is more expensive and offer more options, but the best one is that you can use the plug-in on as many domains as you want. Why Pretty Link Pro Pretty Link Pro is not just a link cloak plug-in, it will help you to shrink, track, organize, share and even test your links on your own WordPress website. No doubt cloaking affiliate links is very important for SEO, but as well as from business perspective. I believe that many individuals would say, free version is fine, well not quite, Pretty Link Pro offers much more! Features related to redirections Temporary Permanent (301) Redirection Cloaked Redirection Pretty Bar Redirection JavaScript Redirection Tracking Pixel Redirection Put your online business on auto-pilot with some of the automation features Automation Keyword Replacement Automatically Create Links for Pages & Posts URL Replacement Import Links URL Replacement URL Rotations...
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