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PHP Useful Snippets To Convert PDF, TXT, HTML and Images

Recently worked on project that required few different file type conversions. To be honest, I had to brush my PHP a bit, but thanks to Internet I was able to discover these useful snippets that saved me tons of time. Convert PDF to JPG images - PDF2JPG This require Image Magic extension installed. Simple and very useful snippet that conver .PDF files in to image files .jpg format. /** * PDF2JPG script * with ImageMagick */ $pdf_file = './pdf/_folder/example.pdf'; $save_to = './image_folder/example.jpg'; //make sure that apache has permissions to write in this folder! (common problem) //execute ImageMagick command 'convert' and convert PDF to JPG with applied settings exec('convert "'.$pdf_file.'" -colorspace RGB -resize 800 "'.$save_to.'"', $output, $return_var); if($return_var == 0) { //if exec successfuly converted pdf to jpg print "Conversion OK"; } else print "Conversion failed.<br />".$output;     html2ps - convert HTML to pdf This is definitely very useful snippets, that convert HTML to PDF file. I have use it in few projects. /******************************************************************************* * */ function convert_to_pdf($url, $path_to_pdf) { require_once(dirname(__FILE__).'/html2ps/config.inc.php'); require_once(HTML2PS_DIR.'pipeline.factory.class.php'); echo WRITER_TEMPDIR; //error_reporting(E_ALL); //ini_set("display_errors","1"); @set_time_limit(10000); parse_config_file(HTML2PS_DIR.'html2ps.config'); /** * Handles the saving of generated PDF to user-defined output file on server */ class MyDestinationFile extends Destination { /** * @var String...
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