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Top 8 SEO Mistakes and SEO Myths

Regular readers know who am I – Kaloyan Banev from Bulgaria, SEO practitioner since 1999 founder of WebmaisterPro.com – social network for webmasters. I have worked for companies on 4 continents as SEO supervisor or consultant. I don't claim that I am the best SEO, but I definitely know my job well, as I have work through more than 50 major algorithmic updates released by Google.Just decided to point young SEOs and even SEO experts that thing that, they might have lost the path, honestly I personally think that this happen very often in search engine optimization practice. Top SEO Mistakes and Myths Trusting the Wrong Source of Information Trusting the wrong source is quite common and probably 90% of SEO guides are very misleading as those are often written by article writers and bloggers that aren't SEOs. Often misleading guides appear in trusted forums, even at WebmaisterPro, there are many “not so true” articles regarding SEO submitted by our members on our blog platform. Doing Only On-page or Off-page Optimization Not much to say, both need to go hand in hand, if off-page optimization is the fuel, on-page optimization is the engine. Using Expensive Software Truth to be told, using...
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