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Top 5 New jQuery Plug-ins

So many jQuery plug-ins are release nearly on daily basis, though majority are very simple and almost useless. Though here is a list of some new jQuery plug-ins that grabbed our attention, very small, useful and easy to use. Any List Scroller I found this one by accident, when I was trying to add custom image scroller to one of my WordPress based project. Unfortunately, there wasn't a plug-in that fit my need and I found this one, with some excellent features, technically you can scroll to any kind of web element with this one - text, image, etc... As well as do this horizontally and vertically. You can view the demo and download here:https://als.musings.it/ jqtimeline Timeline set of events jQuery plug-in, easy to use, fully customizable that create an impressive time-line effect. You can view demo and download here:https://goto.io/jqtimeline/ Supersized! Though this isn't the current trend in web design, the effect is impressive and I think many business niche can benefit from Supersized! Plug-in which assist you with implementation of full size background slide-show. You can view demo and download here:https://buildinternet.com/project/supersized/ Sidr Plug-in that assist you with creation of fully responsive side navigation menus. You can download here:https://www.berriart.com/sidr/ Textillate Simply...
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