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EasySocial - Social Network Extension for Joomla – Review

As probably everybody knows - Joomla is one of the most flexible and powerful CMS, that can fit into any kind of web project. Thought until recently there wasn't a decent enough component for Joomla that is lightweight, fast, based on latest technology and with functionality that can match Facebook. Then EasySocial came! Some of the loyal members and readers of WebmaisterPro, knows that we previously used JomSocial as our main component, however recently we've switched to EasySocial by StackIdeas. For quite a like time the success of WebmaisterPro was based mainly on EasyBlog component which is also build by StackIdeas. Our social network was very lucky to be selected for the alpha test and even during this stage, we didn't experience many bugs (mainly bugs that we've discovered were related to 3rd party components, but not really bugs withing EasySocial). Another extension from StuckIdeas, that we recently integrated in our website is EasyDiscuss (excellent forum/q&a extension). Why EasySocial? Well, if you don't have a team of 20 developers and you want things to work out of the box, than EasySocial is for you. I will be straight – with all my respect the competitors in the face of JomSocial...
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