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Understanding Word Press and Online Marketing

While web design and site building was a complicated process in the past, these days, significant efforts have been made to simplify it and make it possible for an average PC user to handle. There are tons of online site building platforms that offer their services to aspiring web designers that want to start off simple. In my personal opinion, this is a waste of time if you have an ambition to get functional knowledge of website design and maintenance, since you are going to get very little practical experience using these simple solutions. This whole thing fades even more significantly when you compare it to learning Wordpress, which is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the world. Another thing to consider is that good web design is not enough - you also need to engage in online marketing to ensure that you get plenty of traffic to your website. With some basic SEO and Social Media Marketing efforts, you will see some good results and stay ahead of the competition. Let’s look at how this can be done. How most people startDue to the fact that Wordpress is an open source project and that it is focused on...
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