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WordPress SEO and Links

WordPress has some tremendous advantages built into it as far as search engine optimization goes. Some of the most important features have to do with how you structure links. Remember, when you put up a good article, the ideal situation is that people will read it, like it and then link to it. You'll also want search engines to be able to link to your content easily, which means that the titles of your articles should relate to their content, as should the links that actually lead to them. WordPress actually makes these goals quite attainable. Permalinks Because most people do use WordPress in this manner, we'll go ahead and assume that you're putting your content up on a blog that you regularly update. The links to individual articles are referred to as permalinks. If you go to your Settings menu and then to your Permalinks menu, you'll see several different options as to how you want to structure your permalinks. Choose the entry named "Post name". This ensures that the link to your post has the same words in it as the name of your post, which is the entire point of taking all that time to work with keywords....
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