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Latent Semantic Search and how it affects Your Search Rankings

If there is one thing we have learned about Google, it's that they pride themselves on providing relevant search results. They take this task seriously and so should you, if you want to rank higher in their search engine. Web developers and SEO experts have been gaining from the organic search results since day one, over optimizing their sites with specific keywords in order to gain an advantage, while not always providing web searchers the relevant results they are seeking. Google frowns on these SEO techniques and to help combat them and ensure that people get what they're searching for, they began implementing latent semantic search indexing back in March of 2009. Often referred to as LSA or,latent semantic analysis, latent semantic search is an indexing algorithm that takes into account other search terms that are semantically related to the specific keywords on the page. Take for example "carefree". Someone typing that keyword into Google could be searching for Carefree women's hygiene products, the emotional state of being carefree or maybe even the city of Carefree, Arizona. When someone types in just "carefree", the search engine doesn't have a clue as to which variety of carefree the searcher is interested in....
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