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Optimizing Your Site With Multivariate Testing

Is the traffic to your website converting? One approach, when things slow down, is to view your traffic stats via Google Analytics. While this approach will show you important information necessary in determining when your visitors are leaving, it doesn’t explain why. The more important aspect you should be considering is why your traffic isn’t converting. Based on the type of website you run, a conversion may mean differently. For instance, a conversion for a blog could mean a subscription while for an online retailer considers a sale a conversion. Regardless of what course of action you’re hoping your audience will take, one thing that will help you get there ismultivariate testing. What is Multivariate Testing? Not familiar with multivariate testing? Multivariate testing is an online marketing test method that involves the presentation of two different options of a website to actual site visitors. What differentiates it from A/B testing is the number of elements that are tested at a time. Multivariate testing is used to test out different designs on a new website or modifications on existing ones in order to determine which version the site users prefer. Uses of Multivariate Testing Multivariate testing has been around for awhile and...
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