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Speed-up Website with Free CDN

Without a doubt there are so many articles related to website speed. Certainly it is very important to have fast website or blog – first because website speed plays important part for achieving higher SERP and 2nd (which probably is more important) to serve your content faster to website visitors. Nobody likes slow website! Realistically, every website suffer from slow loading, unless it is hosted on cloud or have already utilize use of CDN. For instance WebmaisterPro is hosted in USA – loading time in Texas is 6sec, in Washington, DC – 8sec, but loading time in Europe is getting higher – London, UK – 10sec, Istanbul 12sec... and this is in term of static test – the reality is much different with 100 members on our website the speed goes up to 25sec! Don't get us wrong – we are also using CDN and gzip compression, just the answer to have faster website isn't very simple and depends on so many factors. Honestly, I am getting really mad when I read an article written by some copycat blogger that give “superb tips” rewritten from “A-list” blogger that also doesn't have a clue about server-side optimization, script optimization, number of requests,...
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