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How to Avoid an Epic Email Marketing Fail

Email marketing and newsletters, some of the best way to improve conversion and lift the sales number. However there are many pitfalls that need to be considered. Do's and Don'ts in email marketing. Although it's far from being the newest way to reach potential customers online, email marketing can still be incredibly effective. However, that's only the case when you use this marketing channel correctly. With simple words, everybody need to follow "the golden rules of email marketing". To ensure you get the best results from your efforts and avoid a screw-up that could cost you customers, make sure you:  Don't Spam  Successful email marketing starts with being an ethical marketer. If someone didn't opt into your list, why would they want to hear from you?  Although it can be tempting to blast your emails out to a wider audience, avoiding the temptation to spam and sticking to steadily building an audience for your list will deliver better results in the long run.  Don't Put Them to Sleep  Should your emails be short and sweet or the size of an essay? Although everyone likes simple rules, there's not a rule of thumb for emails.  Your real focus should be to make...
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