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Perfect Life, Work and Blogging Balance - Interview with Gabe Young

After several month we've continued the tradition at WebmaisterPro - interviews with successful bloggers and web professionals. Today we've had a conversation with one of the most respected bloggers (WebmaisterPro editorial opinion) - Gabe Young from Free Blog Help. Certainly not a copycat blogger and certainly a person that is choosing interesting topics carefully, including essential details about particular and trendy problem for web professionals.   Hi, Gabe! Tell us about yourself with few sentences!   I am a business professional but have been blogging for over a decade. Although I earn a good living at my day job, my websites generate an excellent supplemental income on my free time. How did you start blogging? What were your inspiration and your goal as beginner blogger?   I started blogging for my employers back when blogging was very new (around 2000) so I don't consider myself a beginner blogger; in fact, I consider myself one of the pioneers. We actually had to explain to people what blogging was back then. I made my employers and clients boatloads of money so finally in 2009, I decided to build my own sites. I currently run five different sites, each in a different niche and each...
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