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Creating Favicons For All Mediums

For those of you who are unfamiliar with favicons, they are essentially customisable short cut icons that are associated with a particular web page or site. They crop up in many forms – a favicon is the icon you see in the tab of your browser window, the icon that appears in Opera's Speed Dial or the app icon that appears on the iPad. Gone are the days when web designers could get away with just creating a bog-standard 16x 16 pixels favicon – Opera’s Speed Dial platform, for example, uses 256x160! Adjusting Pixel Sizes To Suit Different Devices Currently these are the standard pixel sizes you will need to consider when designing a favicon for different devices. Depending on the type of work you undertake for clients, you may not need to worry about the larger specs that are designed for the Chrome Web Store or the Google TV platform. 16x: Favicons of this size are displayed in browser tabs next to page titles and they’re also used in a typical Bookmarks bar. This is the bare minimum number of pixels you should be working with – if you try to develop a favicon with any less, Google will mark...
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