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How Important is SEO for Ecommerce Sites?

Are you an online retailer? Think SEO doesn’t matter? Uh…think again. SEO isn’t just for content-oriented sites anymore. Actually, it never has been. SEO is critically important to the success of your ecommerce venture. You want more customers, right? And one of the keys to more customers is to get new visitors. Sure, you can rely on word-of-mouth referrals, but that will only get you so far. Why miss out on the thousands of prospects you could gain with a little SEO? But – you must be careful. JCPenney and Overstock are two perfect examples of SEO gone wrong. Both major online retailers made flubs when it comes to white-hat vs. black-hat SEO techniques (at least in the minds of the Google Gods) and were penalized as a result. There are tons of learning opportunities we can garner from high-end retailers. Many major e-commerce vendors get a pretty significant chunk of their traffic from search, including Amazon, WalMart, Target…even Apple and Netflix. Take a look at the infographic below for all the details. Click to Enlarge UpCity is a robust SEO Software and education platform. Find your Local SEO Report...
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