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The Good, The Bad and Ugly PHP

Every PHP developer remember the nightmare of PHP4, almost every feature, function and framework was broken to some extends. Actually the whole language and especially OOP looked like a complete joke. I remember an article in late 1999 at PC Magazine, a comparison of server-side languages, of course in this comparison article PHP was holding the last place for obvious reasons. In the last few years, there were so many jokes related to PHP that it is difficult to count. Though in the meantime attention of most developers was related to Ruby, Python, HTML5 and countless JS libraries. The truth is that until recently there wasn't any elegant solution that can solve a simple problem with PHP, but... Old dog continues to evolve “A good PHP developer”, was simply oxymoron, but as a matter of fact, everybody was looking for PHP developer and the language popularity continue to grow. Even many people still doubt that a good CMS or application can be written in PHP, let's not forget that top most popular CMS are build exactly with PHP – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, vBulletin, Magento, etc... Let's look it from another angle – some of the most popular websites like Google, Facebook,...
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