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Infographics Grow in Popularity

Infographics convey factual information in fun, colorful ways. People pass infographics to each other on social media sites both because the information is interesting and because the image itself looks nice on a profile wall. The most popular infographics are related to business statistics. Technology, social media, lifestyles, health and the economy are some other top categories for these graphics. Click to Enlarge The most popular infographic of all time is called "What Are the Odds"? It runs through all of the math pertaining to the odds that any human being could be alive on this planet at any given moment. It was viewed by over 2 million people. Other popular infographics are "How Much Can You Trust a Bearded Man?" and "Why Startups Fail." "Should I Text Him?" is another frequently shared image. The public's growing reliance on social media has changed the way people share information. People want to be comforted by facts that confirm what they already suspect, and they like seeing those facts presented in an aesthetically pleasing way. Image source: Top Marketing Degrees
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