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The Health of The UK Web Startup Scene

This inforgraph breaks down the state of the UK’s web startup scene, including interesting stats on how long it generally takes a company to get on its feet and how even struggling companies may find themselves as targets for acquisition by larger companies. UK companies find it difficult to make any headway in web businesses as American companies dominate the field. UK companies are looking to combat this by taking to social media more and more in order to get their message out there.  The costs involved in getting a start up off the ground are also prohibitive, as a fully formatted beta version will cost between 100 and 350K before the product is even launched. These high start up costs are not helped by London’s high cost of living. So start ups looking to be successful will need deep pockets and a lot of motivation to make their presence felt. Click to Enlarge Guest Post by  Datadial.net - SEO, We Design and Web Development Agency in West London.
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