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The Magic Power of SEO

There is so much information online for every possible piece of information that you can possibly think of. Is that a redundant statement? Yes. But so is the oodles of information that is available on the Internet. It can often be hard to weed through what is important and what is not. One of the biggest topics that many involved in online writing or in website creation may come across includes SEO (search engine optimization). SEO As stated earlier, SEO stands for search engine optimization. Of course for those who have never heard the term, knowing what it means may not help; so for those newbies out there, let me explain. You are creating a website: Kathy's Shoes. You create the website pages, content, images and everything else needed for a website and post it on the Internet. Before SEO, the website would sit in its space, and through natural growth and development more and more people would find the site, visit it and the popularity of the website (often ranked now by Google with a Page Rank) would go up. This process can often take months to happen, and some don't have the ability to send out Google Ads or...
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