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Internet Marketing Keywords

Avoid choosing keywords that are very broad. Keyword can be broad even if they have more than one word. The fact of the matter is that it is not how well the site ranks for a certain word, or even the amount of traffic a site attracts from the ranking, but the number of potential customers who visit the site. This basically means that one thousand suffers cannot be worth as much as a single qualified lead. A good idea is to use keywords that can filter the volume of meaningless raw hits while attracting visitors who are interested in whatever your company or site is offering. This therefore means that you should select keywords that are specialized so that you can reduce competition for the words' ranking in search engines. For instance, adding the name of the location of your business (e.g. city) to the web pages is a very appropriate way of attracting more qualified traffic. Good keywords should not only bring traffic to your site but also attract targeted traffic that will end up with a purchase. Eric Welke is fulltime small business consultant and affiliate...
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