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Creating the Ultimate Infographic

You don't need me to tell you how effective a seriously good infographic can be. They're becoming even more and more popular as businesses realise this too, which is why getting yours to stand out is getting even more difficult. Before you even think about loading up your graphics software, you need to make sure that you've got something good to say. It's no good having a flashy piece of art if it hasn't got any relevant content; people might like the look of it, but they certainly aren't going to share it. You can get away with things that are completely obscure, but only if the idea is really good, and you still need to plan ahead. The information could be anything from statistics, to a guide, to the explanation of a process. Gather together all of the infomation that you want to communicate, and cut it down to be exactly what you need. Statistics can be hard on the eye, and picking out the most important or eye-catching figures is generally the best route to take. Graphs and pie charts work especially well if you've got a lot of data that you need to display cleanly. Actually designing the...
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