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Beginning of Mobile Commerce Era: Is Your E-Commerce Store Ready?

Mobile internet users have rose upto 400 percent in 2011. This phenomenal rise in mobile searches is simply speaking loudly about the beginning of a new mobile commerce era. In short, we are finally entering in the world of constant cyber challenges and exceptionally demanding world of e-commerce. The virtual e-commerce stores will have to incorporate crispy mobile commerce themes in their online marketing arsenal for securing their marketing in this changed era. Noticeable, 44 percent of all virtual commerce organizations are investing in developing mobile commerce applications to acquire their space in this future market. Some of the other factors that are needed to be adapted are mentioned below: Feature Selected Products: You need to feature selected products in your mobile e-commerce website. The featuring of selected products does not mean the availability of few products. It refers targeted product promotions. You need to have the specific products in your galleries that are being demanded by online customers. Considerably, the mobile shopping is popular among 18-34 year old virtual customers. Though, 1/3 part of 55+ aged customers also made their purchases through mobile commerce applications. So, you need to showcase the products as per your targeted mobile customers.  Get Readable...
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