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The Purpose and Benefits of a Company Blog

In the modern world, there is no excuse for a company to be out of touch with their customers. This is why you should start and maintain a company blog. Reaching out to the public through social media is easy, free and makes good marketing sense, as it brings your clients closer to your business. Starting a Dialogue One purpose of your company's blog should be to start an exchange with your customers. This is an opportunity for you to find out what they are thinking, what they believe your business is doing well and where you might be able to improve.  It is a casual way to glean information from your customers as opposed to clunky surveys. You will want to set a friendly tone while still maintaining professionalism, and closely moderate the comments to keep your blog free from inappropriate language and spam.  Invite constructive comments and discussion of ideas. Make your blog visually appealing. A long, text-heavy blog is not engaging to most readers. Use pictures, graphs and other items to break up the paragraphs (always being mindful of copyright, of course). Including pictures of your employees might be an option as well, though you will want to...
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